God’s “FINGERPRINTS” and “HAND” are ALL OVER this [HIS] world.


“History” truly is HIS-story …

GOD’s CONTROL and use of “ISRAEL” in history demonstrates that.

The RESURRECTION (“anastasios”) of JESUS CHRIST is the only truly “revolutionary” act and FACT of history.

The RESURRECTION is a “FACT” and foundation of history to those willing to study and analyze it.



GOD did the UNEXPECTED and “IMPOSSIBLE” to confound human “wisdom” – the JEWS, the ROMANS and initially HIS OWN DISCIPLES.

JESUS revealed the “SUPER-NATURAL” in the “natural” world.

GOD’s redemption plan is the GUIDING FORCE of history.

There is a PURPOSE, BEGINNING, END and BEYOND to “history” …

Genesis 3:15 states,  “And I will put enmity between thee [satan] and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his [Jesus] heel.”

Human history is part of a larger “COSMIC BATTLE” in an even greater SPIRITUAL WAR.

The Biblical Book of Ephesians states “We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, SPIRITUAL wickedness in hight places”.

This might sound “crazy” and “X-TREME”, but GOD’s “reality” is bigger than our “little” lives.

Whether you realize it or not, we are all caught up in “HIStory” – a WAR between “TIME” and “ETERNITY”.

GOD’s “REDEMPTIVE PLAN” is encapsulated in the Biblical story of “ISRAEL” …  

JESUS, the promised MESSIAH and future KING of ISRAEL, was a SUFFERING SERVANT, first REJECTED by HIS OWN people, died on a cross and was RESURRECTED, then ascended to heaven 

“ANASTASIOS” – (resurrection)  

Jesus bought the “keys to death, hell and the grave”.

Jesus will come again in glory as “King of Israel” and reign and rule in eternity with His “saints”, HIS “out called ones”.

Obviously, “Israel” is important to God.

GOD declared His “MARVELOUS WORK and WONDER” of ISRAEL and it’s “KING of KINGS” would be “KNOWN” …

GOD has REVEALED Himself through “ISRAEL” in “HIStory” to those with EYES to SEE and EARS to HEAR:

“When the Most High DIVIDED to the nations their inheritance, when He SEPARATED the SONS of ADAM, HE SET the BOUNDS of the PEOPLE ACCORDING to the NUMBER of the CHILDREN of ISRAEL”  – Deuteronomy 32:8

Christians are “disciples” (learners) who are called to be “martyrs” (witnesses) to the truth of God’s Word, revealed to us, “Forever settled in Heaven”.

GOD (not “Israel” per se) IS GREAT (“Exceptional”)

There are 24 seats in Heaven of “witnesses” reserved for eternal “testimony” – Jesus’ earthly 12 disciples and 12 more – the 12 sons of Israel –  WITNESSES-MARTYRS who will “MAKE KNOWN” GOD’s “MARVELOUS WORK” and “WONDER” of “ISRAEL” and its RESURRECTED KING.

God faithfully keeps His promises!  We can trust God to keep His Word.

When HE comes again, he asks will HE FIND FAITH?

Human history (“time”) testifies to GOD’s (“eternal”) plan of REDEMPTION …

The same power that made Jesus rise from the dead (“ANASTASIOS” – RESURRECTION), GOD’s SPIRIT promises “RE-BIRTH”, in this world and the next.

The CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST, His “OUT CALLED ONES”,  the “WILD OLIVE BRANCH” of “GENTILES” grafted onto the original root trunk of “ISRAEL”, will one day rule with “KING JESUS”  

That, in a nutshell, IS “history”.  

God’s historical “reality” is RESCUE, “REDEMPTION” and “RE-BIRTH” (anastasios) – gathering and preparing those He saved to rule and reign with Him in eternity.  God is bringing us to “completion”, His “teleos” or “end”.

Abraham was the “Father of FAITH“.

Christianity is training to serve the Lord in FAITH and TRUST in God’s eternal Kingdom, replacing satan and those angels who rebelled against God.    God “bent down” to redeem and retrieve His “Lost Sheep”, (Isaiah 53) what Our Shepherd, who BOUGHT His Church with His Blood, called “Treasures in the Field”.

GOD is the BEGINNING of WISDOM  and KNOWLEDGE of the HOLY ONE leads to UNDERSTANDING.  (Proverbs 9)

Likewise, any human historical wisdom and understanding ultimately BEGINS and ENDS with GOD.

Jesus made reality “personal” – He declared Himself “THE TRUTH, the WAY, the LIGHT” in no uncertain terms.   His sheep know His voice.

Any “history” WITHOUT God’s “voice” of Biblical revelation and redemption plan is incomplete, superficial, shallow and misleading.

In God’s “reality”, DEEP calleth unto DEEP.

The BIBLE is GOD’s revelation to humanity.

We are told not to conform to the ways of this world –  “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. (John 15:19).  

Human history is a war between “world views” or “visions”.

History truly is HIS-story, the true source of “REALITY”, REVEALED to disciples (learners) either “religious” (supernatural) or “secular” (nature).  

History is NOT a “BLIND FAITH” of random accident, of nihilistic narcissism of nowhere nothingness. (FEELINGS)  God created a universe of design, purpose and meaning for those with “eyes to see and ears to hear”. (FACTS).

GOD’s WORD REVEALED washes this earth, the “KING of KINGS” calling those to the way and walk of FAITH.

“Reality” begins (“beneath”) and ends (“beyond”) with GOD.  

That is “HIStory X-treme”!

REVIVAL?  –  REVOLUTION? – RE-BIRTH ? (another “Great Awakening”)    

The website is an extension of

HistoryXtreme seeks to go “Beneath and Beyond” – Anastasios-USA seeks to go “Beneath and Beyond” HistoryXtreme,

GOD is the ultimate “Beneath and Beyond”.    God is the ALPHA, beginning-beneath and OMEGA. end-beyond. has an implicit,  “undercurrent” of God’s “FINGERPRINTS” in history. makes GOD’s “HAND” in history explicit and factually obvious. unabashedly delves into the “spiritual” aspect of human history, which truly is HIS-story.  “Time” meets “eternity”.  God is the ETERNAL “substance” that lays at the foot of the human “shadow” of TEMPORAL history.

Screw the skeptics, God’s “FINGERPRINTS” and “HAND” are all over HIS-story, specifically my earthly nation, the United States.  

Any attempt at HIS-story that ignores God’s reality is doomed to be IN-COMPLETE.

Only a fool says there is no God. (Psalm 14)

GOD’s DESIGN and PURPOSE stares us in the face to those not blind.

Whether you or any past or present American believes in God or not, America was “BLESSED”,  founded on SPIRITUAL principals which made it “EXCEPTIONAL”.

Our history of “culture war” is essentially between those who EITHER ACCEPT or REJECT AMERICAN (Israel) “EXCEPTIONALISM”.


“Redemption” is a form of “RESCUE“.

We are confronted with the “problems” of life, the “drama” (conflicts) of existence.

Humanity is an “amphibian” living in multiple “dimensions” – caught between both the material, concrete world of “flesh and blood” and a dimension of spirit and ideals, aware of how things “should be”.

The need for “rescue” and “redemption” is an inherent part of human existence.  We all need “a little help from our ‘friends'”.

Now we live in (trapped in) “TIME”, but are destined for “ETERNITY”.  

We are ALL part “creatures (nature)”, “citizens” (city of man) and “children of God” (city of God), all STUCK together here in what we call  “history”.

Whether you believe in God or not, that is matter of “conscience” between you and God.

BUT when others, specifically my fellow “Americans”,  “JAM” their SECULAR “RELIGION” (“strange fire”)  down our throats, I take umbrage.

It is written to HONOR your parents – you don’t even have to “love” them.

This principle applies my “nation” – the United States.

Being a “plural-istic” nation, “CITIZENS” have choices.

Since its inception, America has been in a state of “culture war”.

We all have different “VISIONS” of what “America” IS and SHOULD be.   This has always been the case.

However, today’s “progressive” agenda is one of “PHILISTINES and “STRANGE FIRE“, rooted in DISobedience to GOD and DISrespect of GOD’s PROMISES and principles on which America was founded.

As a historian it is FREEDOM vs FASCISM.

I am a citizen  “child of the free”.

I “worship” my earthly God-given Natural Rights.  “They” don’t.

Scripturally, the CHILDREN of the FLESH will ALWAYS persecute the children of PROMISE.

The “children of darkness” (fascists) are WISER in this world (generation) than the “children of light” (freedom).

This explains the “progressive” PATHOLOGICAL CRUSADE to DESTROY and “ERASE” the PAST.

Their “WISDOM” is to seek “SALVATION” through “SUICIDE”, through dystopian delusion, deception and destruction.

“The PROGRESSIVE CRUSADE” is an politically IDOL-atrous FALSE RELIGION that violates “GOD’s REALITY” … the “PATRIOT CAUSE”



NONE is “GOOD” but GOD …

UTOPIANS and HUMANITY in general, lives in a state of DENIAL. (and I’m not talking about the river) …

WE look past … ignore and obsess our own self-made “bubbles” of “UN-reality”, oblivious to the obvious

… the SELF-serving “DECEIVING DESIRES”, SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRISY and MALEVOLENCE we PROJECT and TRANSFER onto each other (“strain gnats”) while IGNORING it in ourselves (“swallowing camels”), …

the “clueless” state of spiritual “COGNITIVE DISSONANCE” which leads humanity to “PLAY GOD” …

in a state of NARCISSISTIC and NIHILISTIC JUDGEMENT and IDOL WORSHIP and REBELLION against (GOD’s) “reality” …

Progressives are essentially SPOILED CHILDREN, adolescent, politically-correct “pin-heads” who GO BEYOND DIS-HONORING our nation.

“The ALMIGHTY vs the ABSURD” is part of “History X-treme” …

Progressives IMAGINE they can build a UTOPIAN to (nowhere) “HEAVEN ON EARTH”, a CRUSADE pathologically seeking to DESTROY the PAST, toward a narcissistic, nihilistic and non-sensical path to “utopian NOWHERE” …

Progressives are totalitarian twits, despotic dimwits, freedom hating fascists, power loving, a-moral political perverts, wolves camouflaged as sheep, liars incapable of facing truth or reality,  ignoring the unintended consequences of their own folly,  a CHILD-ish MENACE to our traditional civil society …


“Utopians” live in world of DENIAL (not the river), attending the “CHURCH of WISHFUL THINKING, worshiping at the “ALTAR” of DELUSION

IMAGINING we can build “HEAVEN ON EARTH” (“Gardens of Eden” and towers of Babel) that (“tragic”-ally) become “DYSTOPIA” …

… “crusaders” of “progressive blind faith”, punishing “heretics” against their POLITICAL IDOL-atry (the god of government), pathologically LEVEL-ing everything in “sacrifice” to the “IDOL of EQUALITY”

ultimately rejecting and seeking to “REPLACE” GOD’s REALITY … (Fooled … Again …)


Spiritually bankrupt SOCIO-PATHS (“PHARISEES“) jam their warped, perverted POLITICAL RELIGION of HYPOCRITICAL, SELF-RIGHTEOUS and DYSTOPIAN DELUSION down our throats …

Dystopian “Children of DISobedience” reject (God’s) “reality, seeking to REPLACE GOD, re-create a humanistic “heaven on earth”.

We are all “victims” of humanistic HUBRIS and liberal LUNACY that persecutes “heretics” who question their pseudo-religious political “IDOL-atry” and madness … 

Re-creating “The GARDEN” always results in “The GULAG” … we are “FOOLED … AGAIN” …

But that’s MY OPINION.  

That’s your “right” as an “American” to be an IDIOT! I must respect that on some level.

We ALL have a “RIGHT” to be “WRONG“.

My God told me we are ALL sinners, in need of His Forgiveness and Grace … 

Our current earthly “conflict” is FASCISM v FREEDOM … part of a “spiritual war” between the Children of “FLESH” (slavery – the City of Man) and Children of “PROMISE” (freedom and faith – the City of God) 

Political Correctness is politically idolatrous EVIL by TOTALITARIAN TWITS, TROLLS and “TERMITES” devouring our freedoms and prosperity, “PROGRESSIVE” POWER-HUNGRY PREDATORS, PARASITES and POLITICALLY-PERVERTED “WANNA-BE GODS”, pretending their “GARDENS” are not “GULAGS” …


Do “progressive” disrespecters and destroyers of “Exceptional” America  “respect” our “opinions” or world view?

If one cannot HONOR their OWN GOD, parents or nation, CAN YOU EXPECT THEM to “HONOR” ANYTHING?

To the “children of disobedience” NOTHING is SACRED.                  

The children of PROMISE-FREEDOM have ALWAYS been PERSECUTED by the fascist children of FLESH-SLAVERY.  

“This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through.”

My ultimate destination is the “City of God”, but I’m temporarily “stuck” in the “City of Man”, stuck with a bunch of “clue-less” citizens unwittingly bent on what John Adams warned us about –  “There has never a democracy that has not committed SUICIDE.”  

I am fighting the God-less FOOLS, “politically correct” and clue-less TOTALITARIAN TWITS leading us to NATIONAL SUICIDE.


Is there a WAY OUT of this mess, our current “predicament”?    

“Redemption” as we head towards inevitable dystopian disaster and SELF-destruction?

IDOLatrous “PHILISTINES” and “children of disobedience” sow dystopian dysfunction and self-destruction, an IDOLATROUS CURSE of “STANGE FIRE” by “PHARISEES” WHO HATE and REJECT GOD’s PRINCIPLES, GUIDANCE, “BLESSINGS” and CONTROLLING HAND in history.

 The Chinese proverb “May you live in INTERESTING times” was a CURSE.

Not to sound melo-dramatic, but our country IS in a LIFE or DEATH STRUGGLE.

We live in an “interesting” time that is a COMBINATION of EVERY conflict our nation has faced – Revolutionary War, Civil War, the Great Wars, Great Depression, Cold War and “Jihad”.

It took seeming “miracles” for America to be founded in the first place and survive all of our national historical disasters.  

So why should we be “”surprised”  our current “predicament” would be any different?

Is the story of “ISRAEL” simply REPEATING ITSELF – God’s Promises, Exodus, trek to the “Promised Land”, betrayal-idol worship, exile, God’s grace, mercy and restoration to “His Covenant People”,  receiving God’s promised “Blessings” DESPITE them/ourselves?

This website is an attempt to restore HONOR and “HISTORY” and TELL the “forgotten” TRUTH  about AMERICA and its SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS.

“Slavic Socrates” IS a “smart-ass”, obsessed with HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT, a CONCERNED CITIZEN, BUT AMAZED BY ETERNAL DESTINY, as a “CHILD of GOD”, a “slave” serving his master JESUS CHRIST, called to be a martyr-WITNESS to HIS GLORY!  

That’s what “my people” are meant to do.

‘AMERICANS” and “AMERICA” are NOT “GREAT” in and of themselves.  


 JEHOVAH, the GOD of ISRAEL (and America), IS GREAT!

The “GOD of ISRAEL” is the “MISSING LINK” of HISTORY, the “EXPLANATION” for the seeming UN-explainable.

GOD is the “SUBSTANCE” of REALITY in humanity’s “SHADOW-y” HISTORY.

The RESURRECTION of JESUS and the AMERICAN REVOLUTION are the two “EXCEPTIONAL” revolutions or “interventions” of GOD in human history.  

God, Jesus Christ, the “Lion-King” of Judah-Israel, is FAITHFUL to His promises of blessings and salvation.


“ISRAEL” is NOT about human “supremacy”, pride, prejudice, envy or resentments.  



“Israel” was (is) a sinful, faith-less, IDOLatrous “mess” …  

We ALL face judgment the CLOSER we get to GOD.  

JESUS is our saving grace and source of human redemption and rescue.  

God’s revelation reveals and EXPOSES the “SINful” nature of ALL His creation.  

I am NOT of “ANGLO-SAXON” (sons of “Isaac”) descent.  But “my peoples” did come to the United States and enjoyed the “BLESSINGS” of the “SONS of JOSEPH” – Ephraim and Manesseh.  

Spiritual pride is the FIRST thing God warns us of.  Jesus came to the “religious” people of the day, castigating their self-righteousness and hypocrisy.  

America is “great” ONLY because OUR GOD – faithful to His promises of “blessings” – is “GREAT”.


YET, DO NOT DENY the “REALITY” of  GOD’s “HAND” in history. 

“DEFINING” God in earthly, flesh terms for our own corrupt use is sinful and  evil.  BUT “DENIAL” of God’s “blessings, the role played by His chosen “oracle Peoples”, ignoring and rejecting His “redemption plan” is ALSO evil.  

Ephraim-England  is described as a cake “half turned”, half baked because it turned it’s back in denial, “ASHAMED” of God’s promises and blessings,  FEARFUL of those who DESPISE the reality of God.  


We are NOT the source of  “exceptional-ism” – but we serve a GOD that IS “exceptional”!  

To those in need of RE-BIRTH (anastasios), redemption and “rescue”, that is “GOOD NEWS”!

The whole point is GOD’s “MARVELOUS WORK and WONDER” of “ISRAEL” and its MESSIAH-KING will be “KNOWN” – whether we “like” it or not.  

The story and historical and spiritual example of “ISRAEL” (self-serving, sinful “Jacobs”) is meant to SERVE GOD’s PURPOSES, by GOD’s POWER NOT OUR OWN … 

Those human perspectives which claim either “supremacy”, pride or prejudice, or “anger-envy-resentments” at GOD’s PROMISES are BOTH spiritually “idiot-ic”, ignorant and disrespectful.

“The CHURCH” (God’s “out called ones” Jesus bought with great price) WALK  “the WAY” IN GOD’s SPIRIT of TRUTH …

Our nation’s problems are essentially “SPIRITUAL”   

Spiritual problems require a spiritual “SOLUTION“.

(Anastasios=Resurrection) RE-BIRTH, “REVIVAL” and REVOLUTION towards REDEMPTION …

Socrates taught by asking questions – only GOD has the ANSWERS.

GOD’s “RIGHTEOUSNESS” – NOT OUR OWN – is our only hope and true source of “rescue” and “redemption“.

Some things never change.

Again, we are not “exceptional” – but we serve a GOD that IS!  That message is “The Gospel” we are meant to proclaim.

We are ALL “LOST SHEEP” – “sinners” (“ISRAEL”) who recognize the NEED for a “SHEPHERD” (KING JESUS)  in this current predicament.


IDOLatrous barbarians and “children of disobedience” sow dystopian dysfunction and self-destruction, an IDOLATROUS CURSE of “STANGE FIRE” WHO HATE and REJECT GOD’s “BLESSINGS” and HAND in history.  

Where are the “GIDEONS” of revivalrevolution and redemption, weak and reluctant “witnesses” in the beginning who become “tools” of GOD’S GLORY?

God is our strength –  “the one mighty in valor”!

God help us!

REVIVAL (another “Great Awakening”)

REVOLUTION – (Another American Revolution)


We are ALL SINNERS saved by HIS GRACE.


“Slavic Socrates”