“DARWINism” and “CREATIONism” are BOTH “FUNDAMENTALISMS” based on “BLIND FAITHS” which CARICATURE (“cartoon-ish” versions) “REALITY” …

The “FACTS” do not fit EITHER WORLD VIEW “box” of “reality” …


Their meaning and use is often VAGUE and MISLEADING.

The “problem” with most “fundamentalisms” is they are NOT VERY FUNDAMENTAL …



FAULTY, “FUNDAMENTALIST”  VIEWS of “HISTORY” (assumptions) are BASED upon FLAWED (ignorance) of “PRE-HISTORY”? 

Darwinists portray themselves as “impartial” and “scientific”, dealing only in “FACT”.

REAL science (not “scientism”) is “EMPIRICAL”, based on OBSERVATION.

Darwinism is a great theory that, in the end, does NOT EXPLAIN much and does not FIT the “EVIDENCE” …

For example, if we “evolved” from fish, true science should EXPLAIN and be able to REPLICATE (at least some of) the natural PROCESSES by which this came about.

RANDOM CHANCE over time combined with UNCHANGING “LAWS” are claimed to EXPLAINthe AWESOME CREATIVE PROCESS we observe but CANNOT COME CLOSE to adequately explaining, COMPLEX at its source and complicated BEYOND our comprehension.


“CREATION” SUDDENLY APPEARS (e.g. the “CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION”) in many cases, with NO sign of slow, methodical “evolutionary” change.

We do not OBSERVE anything randomly “SELF-ASSEMBLE” …

DESIGN and PURPOSE stare us in the face.

The question is WHAT is the SOURCE and CAUSE of  DESIGN and PURPOSE we observe?

This presentation questions Darwinist “explanations” for our origins.


Darwinism is a FUNDAMENTALIST “BLIND FAITH” filled with rhetoric, sophistries and philosophical assumptions.

I happen to be a Christian.  But what is termed “Creation-ism” is a “MESS”.

The “Creationist” version of God’s Biblical “revelation” does not adequately “reveal” much as to our origins, the complexity and variety of life and earthly history.

“Creation-ism” is a cartoonish, incomplete view of the Biblical narrative.

Though the Bible does not claim to be a “scientific” document, it says nothing that contradicts true “science”.

In fact The Bible confirms what we know about “science”.

I believe the EVIDENCE points to a “CREATOR”, the source of “DESIGN” and “PURPOSE” we all OBSERVE.


Darwinist “worship” the the “god” of RANDOM CHANCE and ACCIDENT, like believing …

a TORNADO can blow through …

a JUNK YARD and assemble


However, “CREATIONism” is a “CARTOON” version describing God’s creation and is inaccurate regarding our existence today and of earthly history past.

What is termed “creationism” is a LIMITED facsimile, narrative and “world view” attempting to describe the Biblical Creator’s amazing and awesome creation and creativity.

But these are my opinions which seek to explain the “evidence”.

In the end, HUMAN ORIGINS and the COMPLEXITY and VARIETY of LIFE is an …


Both “EVOLUTION” and “CREATIONISM” are both HALF RIGHT and HALF WRONG, helpful but misleading.

Neither are very satisfactory, yet reveal TRUTHS about the “reality” we all inhabit.

FAULTY, “FUNDAMENTALIST”  VIEWS of “HISTORY” (assumptions) are BASED upon FLAWED (ignorance) of “PRE-HISTORY” 

In the end of this presentation, possible “ALTERNATIVES” are presented as to human origins and history.


Everyone has a “worldview” a worldview of “answers” to life’s basic “questions”,    “answers” to questions about physical, objective “reality” that all require subjective, “metaphysical” speculations. 

One great teacher told me what you believe is your “business” –

… at least know WHAT and WHY you believe it.

Whether “evolution” is right or wrong, hopefully this presentation has given you insight into your (and others) “worldview” – why and what you believe in “pseudo-science”??? and “pseudo-religion”???

Darwinist Fundamentalists “caricature” true “science”, exagerrating what they “know”,  dismissing or ignoring what they DO NOT KNOW???

“SCIENCE” (observation) BECOMES “SCIEN-TISM” (opinion-philosophy)



Do “CREATIONISTS” caricature theism or “religion” ?

“Creationists” have been portrayed as intolerantpoorly educated, Biblical “fundamentalists”.

The Scopes “Monkey Trial”of the 1920s was portrayed in the movie “Inherit the Wind”.  Does the 5000 year old, “young” earth creation story accurately represent the “Biblical” or “theistic” world view ???


IS OUR FAULTY VIEW of “HISTORY” (assumptions) BASED upon FLAWED (ignorance) of “PRE-HISTORY”? 

Like the possibility of scientists not being “scientific”, are there “Biblicists” who are not “biblical”???  Do fundamentalists “caricature” [CARTOON] true “religion” ???

Clarence Darrow, a famous Chicago lawyer, and William Jennings Bryan, defender of Fundamentalism, have a friendly chat in a courtroom during the Scopes evolution trial. Darrow defended John T. Scopes, a biology teacher, who decided to test the new Tenessee law banning the teaching of evolution. Bryan took the stand for the prosecution as a bible expert. The trial in 1925 ended in conviction of Scopes. ca. 1925 Dayton, Tennessee, USA

Genesis 1:1 ”In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth”

”In the beginning” – when was that?

 The Bible does not say or quantify when “the beginning” was.

“and the earth was without form, and void”     the Hebrew can equally imply future tense – the earth became a void and desolation (empty and formless)

Does “in the beginning” contradict anything regarding “science” and “nature” ?  People have asked the question of why there are TWO TALES of CREATION in Genesis

The FIRST “creation” story deals with the earth in general.

The SECOND creation in Genesis deals with the creation of “ADAM” – who is told to RE-PLENISH the earth.

Genesis 1:26 “and God said, let us make MAN in our image, after our likeness:   Genesis 1:27  “so God created MAN in his own image, in the image of God created he him” … god “breathed into” (the hebrew “ruach”) ADAM, NOT “ISSI” 

the Hebrew “ISSI” is a “generic” word for humanity (e.g. we derive “ish” for describing people like “British” or “Danish”)

Genesis 2:8 “and the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the manwhom he had formed”.    The creation of “ADAM”is referred to specifically.    “and the Lord God formed mMAN (“ADAM”) of the dust of the ground” … (gen 2:7)   “and breathedinto his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a LIVING SOUL”

Is the “ADAM-ic race” different than other “versions” of “humankind”???

Did God “breath” something unique into “adam” to make him “a living soul” ???

The FOSSIL RECORD SHOWS SPECIES WHICH APPEAR SUDDENLY and THEN DEAD END OR DISAPPEAR …  is the Biblical “myth” of the origins of the “ADAMic” race inconsistent with empirical science ???

Does the creation of  “Adam” necessarily contradict “evolution”?

Is there a “supernatural” or “transcendent” aspect of homo sapien (“ADAM”) NOT in “neanderthals”?

Would the “life” that God “breathed” into “Adam” show up in the fossil record ?

“and God said unto them, be fruitful, and multiply, and REPLENISH  the earth”.

“REplenish” implies REcreation of some sort.

“ADAM” is a UNIQUE GOD “CREATION” and is told to RE-PLENISH the earth.

What are the implications for the creation of earth?  Biblical prophets had visions of the earth’s past with “iyars”, “meeting places” of those inhabiting the earth.

Isaiah describes an earth in the PAST BEFORE GENESIS which satan inhabited, but then experienced “cataclysmic” change

Ancient “AGES” or “VERSIONS” of the earth, ended by “CATACLYSMS” …  

Visions of prehistoric (pre-”adamic”?) earth ???

The Biblical origin of a unique “adam” and visions of a “cataclysmic” prehistoric past presents a  “worldview” that questionsthe “worldviews” of both“traditional” religion and sciencecritical of the traditional “fundamentalist” view of a “young” earth only 6000 years old …

But also critical of Darwinian “GRADUALISTIC” evolution of humanity and UNIFORMITARIAN history of the earth … does “in the beginning” contradict anything regarding “science” and “nature” ?

Are the traditional “FUNDAMENTALIST” religious creationists and modern Darwinians BOTH “HALF” RIGHT but ULTIMATELY WRONG?

This “alternate” version supports what both“traditional” sides get “right”, and rejects what boths ides get “wrong”

Evolutionists are RIGHT about an “OLD” earth subject to natural processes, yet WRONG about human (“adamic”, not “homo sapient”) origins


Is the “young earth” view of “creation” Biblically accurate ???


BISHOP USSHER was Anglican Archbishop in Ireland between 1625–1656.  Ussher was a prolific scholar, who published a chronology that timed and dated creation to october 23, 4004 BC.  Ussher counted the GENEOLOGIES of the “Adamic” race  – were these meant to “date” the (pre-adamic) earth ??? are darwinian evolutionists rightabout an “old” earth, but wrongabout the naturalistic “evolutionary” origin of humanity(“adam”) ?

are both“darwinists” and “creationists” wrong, CARICATURES of both true “science” and “religion”???

Is this “alternate”  worldview consisent with the observable “facts” of science… ?

it does not necessarily contradict “evolution” – “man-like” (“issi”, not “adam”) creatures could (PREVIOUS to ADAM) have evolved whenever and however …


ALTERNATIVES  (to Today’s “Fundamentalisms”)

Darwinist fundamentalism ignores the “MYSTERY” of the ORIGIN of HUMANITY.   “Scienctism” fails to convincingly explain to our origins and variety of life.  Scientism philosophically rejects a “theistic” point of view which accepts a “supernatural designer” outside the “naturalistic” box or worlview.  “OPINIONS” MASQUERADE as “OBSERVATIONS”.  

Does “supernatural” contradict “natural” ???  Ultimately, both MATERIALIST (atheistic) and THEISTIC” worldviews” are NOT EMPIRICAL and hence “fundamentalisms”.

Worldviews have not or cannot BE proved or reproduced. Hence the unsolved “mystery”.

Genesis does not claim to be a “scientific” document, but does it contradict “science” ???

Does it have an accurate and “scientific” worldview of human origins and history?   A worldview that is consistent with other “myths” from around the world, which describe the earth experiencing CATACLYSMIC CHANGE (not uniformitarian “evolution” and PRE-HISTORIC “AGES” of the earth.  

the longest cycle in mayan cosmology is the 26,000 year cycle … this is the cycle of our solar system aroundthe pleiades star cluster tibetans, egyptians, Cherokees, hopi and mayans refer to the same 26,000 year cyclein their mystical belief system how could these “primitive” peoples have such “advanced” scientific information ? The mayans tell of five ages of the earth, each ended (or about to be) by cataclysmic change. (fire, water, earthquake, celestial) According to the Mayans, (who “disappeared” suddenly, without historical trace),  we are currently on the fifth sun, predicted to end in the end of the fifth sun, is predicted on december 22, 2012    Mayan prophecies say there will be a total collapse of time as we know it and entry of humanity into another historical age


In 1950, a Russian-born psychiatrist named IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY authored a controversial book, Worlds in Collision.  Velikovsky was extremely knowledgeable in the texts of ancient peoples

Based on his interpretation of these ancient texts, velikovsky reached the conclusion that our solar system was not always the same as we see it today according to velikovsky, around 3,500 years ago the planet venuswas somehow ejected from the planet Jupiter as a comet.    Comet venus then started wandering through the solar system, its gravitational field pushing other planets out of their orbits or changed their rotation velikovsky attributed many of the disasters recorded in ancient timesto this strange interaction the earthhad with venus material that fell from venus’s comet tail into earth’s atmosphere caused the plagues visited upon egypt as recorded in the bible “plague is throughout the land. blood is everywhere,” cried the egyptian ipuwer     according to velikovsky’s thinking, a fine rusty ferruginous dust from the comet’s tail filtered down on the globe turning everything red

As Venus grew closer, the gravity of the planet caused the earth to rock on its axis or stop and start its rotation  earthquakes broke out and vital waves engulfed mountain ranges     velikovsky speculates that this maybe when the legendary city of atlantis sunk beneath the waves

the changes in rotation, according to velikovsky, caused a prolonged darkness over the earth

His research discovered that in Iran scholars recorded a night lasting three days followed by a day lasting three days.   The Chinese recorded the same phenomena     the bible speaks of a day when the sun stood still to allow joshua to finish a battle    ancient stories on the other side of the world speak of extended darkness     finally, after many years of causing catastrophes on earth, venus and mars settled into their current near-circular orbits     velikovsky’s theories didn’t fit in at all with modern astrophysics and he was criticized by most scientists     traditional science saw his work as just another crackpot theory, with evidence to refute it     velikovsky’s publisher was pressured not to publish “worlds in collision” as a part of the company’s textbook series

ISAAC ASIMOV, a Velikovsky critic once wrote: “he is an interesting writer. it’s fun to read his books”     “although he doesn’t lure me into accepting his views, i can well see where those less knowledgeable in the fields velikovsky deals with would succumb.” carl sagan, one of velikovsky’s most ardent critics, argued against venus being ejected out of jupiter velikovsky didn’t seem to be concerned with the problems his theory generated for physicists

Velikovsky said, “the ancient traditions are our best guide to the appearance and arrangement of the earliest remembered solar system.

“NOT some fancy computer’s retro-calculations based upon current understanding of astronomical principles.”

While velikovsky is apparently wrong about a venus that wanders through the solar system in historical times, …     whether right or wrong about venus, velikovsky stimulated scientific thinking on the stability of the solar system     velikovsky he questioned the “orthodox” model of a solar system in non-changing “stasis”     were ancient stories un-factual “myths”, or were the ancients trying to pass on their “cataclysmic” experiences to the future ???    isaac asimov, who referred to velikovsky’s theories as a type of “exoheresy” wrote: “any exoheretical view that becomes prominent enough to force itself on science acts to puncture scientific complacency – and that is good.”

Will we one day find evidence of events in the solar system that might explain what velikovsky observed in some ancient texts?    velikovsky speculatedthat planetary “disturbance” was maybe when the legendary city of atlantis sunk beneath the waves     the “legend” of atlantishas a people of “advanced” and “superior” knowledge, their civilization destroyed by cataclysm

The Greek philosopher PLATO described the island of Atlantis in extreme detail; describing it west of the Pillars of Hercules, or the strait of Gibraltar.     He described atlantis as having the best and greatest technology, power and wealth, even saying that they had items such as airships. ”lost” citiescalled atlanta, atlantae, and atlai has been told of in many cultures

The ancient Greeks recorded the story of it sinking into the sea.  Legend has it that Atlantean survivors (“aryans”)  escaped to the highest point on earth – the himalayas     from there, they would eventually descend into india to impose their will on the natives (the “aryan” invasion, who created the “caste system”)

Are these “myths”, just interesting “stories” that have no basis in “fact” ???


Hancock has become recognized as an unconventional thinker who raises questions about humanity’s history and prehistory.  He is the author of bestsellers that have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages

Hancock offers an increasingly popular challenge to the ENTRENCHED VIEWS OF ORTHODOX SCHOLARS

“Legends of a great flood in which almost all men perished are widely diffused around the world” such stories turn up in VedicIndia,  pre-columbian americas, ancient egpyt, sumerians, greeks, arabs and jews they are repeated in china, southeastasia, prehistoric northerneurope and across the pacific     “stories of such tremendous cataclysms are fabulous” …     … “but it is possible and indeed probable that under a MYTHOLOGICAL HUSK MAY HIDE AKERNEL OF TRUTH” …

Hancock: “About 7500 years ago, the world’s climate … stabilized again after10,000 years of unbelievable turbulence”.  Hancock addresses issues of planetary catastrophe that destroyed almost all traces of a large civilization.” Hancock presents evidence for such a catastrophe, and indeed for more than of them.


 Uniformitarianism is a guiding principle of origins science that says that the sameprocesses that operate on the universe now  have always operated on the universe in the past, and at the same [uniform] rates …

and that the same laws of physics apply everywhere in the universe     uniformitarianism is based on the philosophyof naturalism and was promoted by charles lyell lyell’s works informed darwin’s thinking about slow biological change known as gradualism     this goes back to the philosophic assumption of infinite, small random mutations resulting in life’s complexity and diversity     darwinistic naturalism assumesthe earth has remained more or less the same (“uniform”)throughoutit’s history and that “gradually” humanity “evolved” from “simple” to “complex” over a long amount of time    this runs counter to evidenceof people of advanced and “complex” knowledge in the distantpast (not just “dumb cavemen”)

The geological record shows a pattern of catastrophic events involving mass extinction… and sudden re-emergence resulting in today’s “modern” civilization

Graham Hancock’s “fingerprints of the gods” challenges the traditional, “gradualist” and “uniformitarian” view of history

ironically, bothancient “pre-modern”  mythology  and some “post-modern” scientists question the “modern” darwinian view of humanity  hancock offers an increasingly popular challengeto the entrenched views of orthodox scholars  one which served as the common progenitor civilization to all subsequent known ancient historical ones. One which served as the common progenitor civilization to all subsequent known ancient historical ones  sometime after the end of the last ice age this civilization passed on profound knowledgesuch things as astronomy, architecture and mathematics     the book pivots on “fingerprints” of these civilizations, evidence of which hancock finds in the descriptions of “myths” like osiris, thoth, quetzalcoatl, and virachocha

Hancock suggests that in 10,450 b.c., a MAJOR POLESHIFT took place, before which antarctica was further from the south pole than it is today     this civilization was supposedly centered around antarctica, and later survivors initiated the olmec, aztec, maya, and egyptian cultures     in ancient ruins as far apart as egypt‘s great sphinx, the andeantemples at tiahuanaco and mexico‘s pyramids of the sun and moon …     hancock seeks to reveal “fingerprints” of an unknown people who flourished during the last ice age      hancock considers universal myth and legendas “memory banks” which  store much of our species’ prehistoric records     hancock uncovers traces of a precise scientificlanguage, encoding the results of thousands of years of accurate astronomicalobservations

Hancock shows archaeological evidence of advanced scientific knowledge that is not consistent with  orthodox  “prehistory”    he uses the most up-to-date techniques of geologyand astronomyto show that the conventionally accepted dating of a number of archaeological sites    … cannot possibly be correct and  must be considered far, far olderthan was previously thought     hancock’s extraordinary findings form the core of what could be an intellectual revolution…     hancock presents a dramatic and irreversible change in the way that we understand our past– and thus ourselves

Hancock: “the antediluvian world looked very different from the world we are living with”   “areas that are densely populated today … most of north america and northern europe … were absolutely uninhabitable” “conversely, many areas  that are uninhabitable today … were once desirable places to live”     hancock: …”a hidden secret: the entire orthodox account of world history as it is presented in the classroom, at university, through books and in the media” …     … “has been createdby archaeologists with no reference to chinaand europe, or to south americaand the u.s.a.” …     “having missed out entirely such large areas from their excavations and research” …

“Wouldn’t you feel that their conclusions about world prehistoryand … origins of civilization were likely to be – or say at least – flawed?”     “with the 25 million square kilometers lost at the end of the last ice age … marine archaeologists have barley begun a systematic survey…for possible submerged sites on these flooded lands.  most would regard it as a waste of time to look.” “the enormous implications of the changes in land-use and rising sea levels between 17,000 and 7000 years”     “do not appear ever to have been seriously considered by historians and archaologists seeking the origins of civilization.”     like colin patterson calling “orthodox” evolution as pseudo-science, asking the question, “what do you really know”?

Hancock questions what “orthodox” historians and archaeologists really know about prehistory–  is it pseudoscience,whose “evidence” is limited and  narrowly confined by a philosophical box of “orthodox” authority ?

Like henry gee’s “infinitesimal dots” in a “vast sea of time” to extrapolate an evolutionary worldview …     is today’s orthodox view of prehistory a vast theoretical extrapolation based on very limited(i.e. small) information???

Hancock’s book “supernatural: meetings with the ancient teachers of mankind”    “supernatural explores fascinating territories of the knownand unknown” –  the Calgary Herald    “less than 50,000 years ago we had noart, no religion, nosophisticated symbolism, nocreative and innovative thinking, and quite possibly no language.”     “then, a dramatic and electrifying changeovertook our ancestors in everypart of the globe,” … “all the skills and qualities that we value most highly in ourselves today appeared suddenly, already fullyformed, …   “as though bestowed on us by hidden powers”     the first art of mankind, in the painted caves and rock-sheltersof southwest europe and south africa, dates back to the time of the great change …     “why do these ancient paintings, tens of thousands of years old, depict beings of a kind that are never found in nature”    … “strange and eeriehybrids with the heads of animalsand the bodies of humans?”    “in the depths of the amazon, rainforest tribal shamans drink a powerful hallucinogenic brew called ayahuasca(“the vine of souls”) in order to induce visions…     returning to normal consciousness after what they believe is out-of-body travelin the spirit world, they make paintings of the “intelligent beings” they have encountered


Western lab volunteers, under the influence of hallucinogens, report visionary encounters with “beings” in the form of animal-human hybrids – …identicalto [ones] the amazonian shamans and … in prehistoric caves?     “why did nobel prize-winner francis crick keep concealed until his death the astonishing circumstances under which he first ‘saw’ the double-helix structure of dna?” …    “and why did he [crick] become convinced that the dnamolecule did not evolve naturally upon this planet but was sent here in bacteriaby an alien civilisation?”  …” far from being ‘false perceptions’, … the strange … experiences of hallucinations may be real perceptions of other “dimensions” and the beings inhabiting them …

Could the ‘supernaturals’ first depicted in the painted caves … and still accessible to us today in altered states of consciousness – be the ancient teachers of mankind?”

“Why have … scientists … of consciousness research, … those who study …hallucinogens [at] work in the brain, … begun to question long-established theories about the nature of reality     [hancock] takes readers into unusual and daringareas of inquiry, and investigates extraordinary possibilities about human origins, consciousness and of reality   … “the argument is underpinned throughout by the discoveries and views of eminent scientists doing cutting-edge research.”     “and could it be that human evolution is not just the ‘blind’, ‘meaningless’, ‘natural’ process that darwin identified… “but something else, more purposive and intelligent, that we have barely even begun to understand?”

I’m guessing many are skeptical of hancock’s claims  for being “foolish”    but is completelydismissing  and/or ignoringhis “alternative” perspective and evidence to support it equally foolish ?

Is it wise “to throw the baby out with the bathwater” ? “the baby” being historical “anomalies” and muchtangible evidence questioning and/or contradicting traditional knowledge…   the “bathwater” being hancock’s “speculations” (questionable “conclusions” to credible “facts”?)


The Biblical Prophet EZEKIEL describes “extra-terrestrial” visitation of the earth the word of the lord came expressly unto ezekiel the priest, the son of buzi, in the land of the chaldeans by the river chebar …    and i looked, and, behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself and a brightnesswas about it, and out of the midst thereof as the colorof amber, out of the midst of the fire.   … out …came the likeness of four living creatures. and this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man …    and every one had four faces, and every one had four wings …    as for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire,  … of lamps    and the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning…    and when they went, i heard the noiseof their wings, … of great waters, as the voiceof the almighty   the bible describes all sorts of “extra-terrestrial” and “supernatural” life entities

Regardless of what you might think of various “supernatural” alternative views of “reality”, is the darwinian “orthodox” worldview intellectually “satisfying” ?  are “orthodox” darwinists the “close-minded”, intolerant  ”reaction-aries” who punish “heretics”  who do not conform to their “simple-minded” worldview  ?

have “orthodox” darwinists and “traditional” science become the very thing they portray “creationists” as being ??? …

Are “Darwinists” and “Creationists” BOTH “FUNDAMENTALISTS” who CARICATURE “REALITY”  ??? (evidence that does not fit into their “box”)

most in the scholarly and scientific “establishment”have described hancock’s proposals as  pseudo-science and pseudo-archaeology “fundamentalist” scientists consider hancock a scientific “heretic”hancock counters traditional uniformitarianscience that assumes things were exactlythe same in the distant past as now

Hancock’s  thinking does not fit into the “modern”, naturalist ,uniformitarian “box”