by Glenn Fairman

AmericanThinker.com       March 20, 2013


Glenn Fairman:  “Having long since bought into postmodernity’s DECONSTRUCTION of TRUTH, the DEMOLITION of HISTORY for the politicized perspective of utilitarian ends became the broken eggs of necessity.

In turning a people away from their traditions, values  and beliefs, …

… it is best to initiate the task at hand with the education of children, for he who molds the minds of the young holds the keys to a formidable power in the fullness of time.

“IF one can control the narrative of history and through selective and anecdotal fiat prove that the American Experiment was in fact vainglorious and self-interested project aimed towards the immoral acquisition and denial of political and economic power, …

… then it is infinitely simpler to cleave a generation from its ROOTS.

Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States: 1492 to Present, that provided the polemical acid necessary to dissolve the world view of millions of young ill-educated minds.

In utilizing Zinn’s textbook in high schools and colleges, the left presented America with its image DISTORTED as through a FUN HOUSE MIRROR.

A People’s History provided the perfect narrative from which a STRAW MAN CARICATURE of theUnited States could be cobbled together with a primary emphasis placed on OUR NATIONAL WARTS.

 Presenting the reader with a MANICHEAN DUALITY of ROBBER BARONS and ARISTOCRATS vs. the TEEMING MILLIONS kept PENNILESS and POWERLESS, Zinn’s ersatz MARX-ian historical analysis interpreted through a JAUNDICED PRISM struck with a CYNICAL PESSIMISM.

 Indeed, events from the revolutionary, civil, and both world wars are drawn by the author in the  MOST JADED PERSPECTIVE POSSIBLE.

This entire panorama of American history can be distilled down to the detritus of EXPLOITATION, SUFFERING and RELENTLESS HUMAN MISERY for the DOWN TRODDEN.

But for some unexplainable reason, immigrants surprisingly did not flee America for their lives,but in fact stayed and carved out life for themselves DESPITE ZINN’S TALE of HORROR and WOE

Armed with howard ZINN’s WARPED LOOKING GLASS and the books and monographs of a hundred others with the SAME CONTORTED OUTLOOK, young people MALEDUCATED in a government school curriculum of SELF-LOATHING saw no  reason to take pride in such a benighted heritage and internalized that same intellectual  bitterness.

That they proceeded unmolested from their countercultural incubators despite their shrill bleating of violent revolution and “SOCIAL JUSTICE DENIED” is revelatory of just how contrived a narrative their suffering had been.

The left now blankets its oppressive egalitarian shroud over our nation and conspires to smother any party that dares reveal their political and philosophical nakedness. 

The progressives’ are fully confident they have ACCOMPLISHED THEIR SACRED BURDEN of PROVING to America that the FOUNDING FATHERS were mere RUBES that fell off the bed of a turnip truck.

In spending their careers decrying the MOTE IN THEIR FATHERS’ EYES, the splintered BEAM OBSTRUCTING THEIR OWN COLLECTIVE GAZE abides unheeded.

Conservativism, classical liberalism, libertarianism are different flags for the ONLY TRULY RADICAL POLITICAL REVOLUTION in a thousand years”  [the AMERICAN REVOLUTION]