Even as the PARTHIANS and SCYTHIANS were ALLIED FELLOW KINSMEN in the ancient world, the BRITISH and the AMERICANS have had a “SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP” in the modern world.   

When Parthia needed military help in the ancient world, the Scythians regularly camecharging to the rescue.  The BRITISH and AMERICANS have repeated this PARTHIAN­-SCYTHIAN tradition.  When the British needed military help in World Wars I and II, the Americans came charging to the rescue.  These ANCIENT and MODERN ALLIANCES are NO ACCIDENT.  Traits of the British and Americans were also exhibited by the Parthians and Scythians.


The PARTHIAN empire began as a union of the clans of EPHRAIM, comfortable with RULING an EMPIRE of DIVERSE NATIONS, using its armies to conquer and hold territory.  The BRITISH emulated this Parthian trait in the time of the British Empire, further cementing their identity as modern Ephraim.   The ancient SCYTHIANS, however, preferred to live in the “WIDE OPEN SPACES” of the Russian steppe and were ISOLATIONIST (content to “live and let live”)


The Americans have emulated this Scythian trait.  At the end of World War II, America could have enforced a  “Pax America” on  the entire earthOne of the dominant tribes of the Scythians were the MASSAGETAE (I.E. “MANASSEH”).  After the Scythians conquered Mesopotamia and virtually the entire Mideast (circa 620 B.C.), they COMPLETELY WITHDREW their armies in a few years, DISDAINING to RULE an EMPIRE when they could have easily done.


Ephraim and Manasseh are “BROTHER” tribes (with a common culture and language) and their descendants have acted as “brother nations” in the world.  Great Britain has fulfilled this promise, but in a different way.  When EPHRAIM-ites formed the backbone of the Parthian Empire, they ruled subject nations with WISDOM, providing an environment of PEACE and STABILITY.


History records that nations fought the Greeks and Romans in order to live under Parthian rule history repeated itself when the English (modern Ephraim) RULED an EMPIRE of MANY NATIONS, providing an environment of peace and stability.  In the wave of nationalism that swept the post­war world, many British colonies were granted an “independence” which proved to be a  great curse.  Many of these nations had so little capacity to govern themselves that they have been prey for despots ever since.


The analogy that these tribes are LIKE SPREADING VINES parallels the fact that Great Britain and America projected their power and influence FAR BEYOND their homelands even though they have divested themselves of many colonies and protectorates, they still occupy most of  two continents (North America and Australia), the British Isles, and a variety of Commonwealth nations and protectorates


The analogy to water (“BY a WELL,”) indicates that the nations of Ephraim and Manasseh (Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA) will be located adjacent to major bodies of water (i.e., “located on seacoasts”)


The fact that Joseph’s nations are “SHOT AT” and “HATED” by enemy nations is apparent in the modern world.  Both the English and Americans have been ENVIED because of their material WEALTH and national POWER.  Phrases like “yankee, go home” personify the JEALOUSY and ENVY that part of the world has toward the “ANGLOS”.  The old Soviet Union worked hard to stir up anti-­Americanism among the largely uneducated third world nations by characterizing Americans as  “Yankee Imperialists”.


“And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you, and make your name great

   “I will BLESS those who BLESS YOU, and him who CURSES you  I will CURSE


The United States of America may be the MOST GENEROUS, MAGNANIMOUS, and MERCIFUL nation in history.  Besides REBUILDING and RESTORING Japan and much of Europe after World War II, the USA has poured mega­billions of dollars into nations everywhere (usually without repayment or even gratitude) in the form of the Marshall Plan, foreign aid, the Peace Corps, etc.


When natural disasters strike anywhere on earth, American agencies (public and private) rushto the scene to offer aid and assistance (even to enemy nations).  When American TV sets show suffering and starving people, it isn’t long before AMERICAN AID rushes to those affected areas. Americans are a PHILANTHROPIC people. America is GENEROUS to a fault. So many nations which owe so much to American GENEROSITY and help are frequently anti­-American in their policies.   Americans see this, BUT SIMPLY GO ON GIVING ANYWAY. They CAN’t HELP IT; its in their GENES that date back to JOSPEPHIn doing so, the United States has fulfilled the BIRTHRIGHT PROMISE of  Genesis 12:3 that “in thee shall ALL families of the EARTH be BLESSED”.

Whatever America’s faults are (and there are many), America has HISTORICALLY been “a cheerful GIVER” to friends, enemies and neutrals alike.  The BIRTHRIGHT PROMISES included WEALTH and AGRICULTURAL ABUNDANCE

   Genesis 48:20 – “and he [Jacob-Israel} blessed them that day, saying, ‘in thee shall Israel bless, saying, GOD make thee as EPHRAIM and as MANASSEH’: and he set Ephraim before Manasseh”

  Genesis 48:4  “and said unto me, behold, I will make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, and i will make of thee a multitude of people; and will give this land to thy seed after thee for an everlasting possession”


WEALTH and AGRICULTURAL ABUNDANCE typifies the USA  and the British commonwealth. It is common knowledge that these nations have adisproportionate share ofthe world’s material wealth.   While it is true that some of this can be attributed to English doggedness and Yankee ingenuity.  The primary reason is that GOD (the invisible ruler) was keeping his promises to the descendants of Ephraim and Manasseh.  God could direct theirmigrating descendants to land masses which had strategic advantages, soil fertility, favorable climates, and an abundance of natural resources.


A COMMON LANGUAGE, CULTURE and NAME (SACAE = SONS of ISSAAC) confirms their common origin.    Both halves of the tribe of Manasseh found new homelands in the “wide open spaces” of the russian steppeWhen America was being settled, Manasseh-ites were especially drawn to North America because of its promise of considerable living space.


When Americans spread westward toward the Pacific Ocean, they migrated in wagon trains, which carried on a tradition of the ancient Scythians, who also migrated via covered wagons:
    “the wagons in which the women and children traveled had from four to six wheels. they  were covered with felt roofs and the space inside was divided into two or three compartments. little clay models of these prototypes of the modern caravan have been found.  Steven M. Collins (1992)


Like the COWBOYS of the American “west,” the SCYTHIANS also “excelled at lassoing.” with their HORSE riding, lassoing, and “wagon trains,” SCYTHIAN culture resembled the PIONEER days of the AMERICAN WEST.  Perhaps the power of GENETIC INFLUENCE is more potent than generally realized.   As in ancient times, the MODERN MANASSEH-ites found their HOME in the “WIDE OPEN SPACES” of North America.


The subject of the Deuteronomy 33:17 prophecy is that the tribes of Joseph WILL “PUSH TOGETHER” (RULE, CONQUER OR GOVERN) MANY OTHER PEOPLE “to the ENDS of the EARTH” (throughout the globe).  The “people” referred to in this prophecy are not the populations of Ephraim and Manasseh, but rather the “people” conquered or ruled by Ephraim and Manasseh

The “ten thousands of Ephraim” and the “thousands of Manasseh” refer to the numbers of “people” who are respectively “pushed together to the ends of the earth” by the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh.  This also reflects the reality of what occurred in world history Ephraim (Great Britain) “pushed together” or ruled many more people and nations around the earth than did Manasseh (the United States).  Since their initial struggles in the revolutionary war and the war of 1812, the British-­American alliance has dominated world politics, fulfilling the Genesis 27:29 birthright promise that “NATIONS would BOW DOWN to thee”.


This has been true in both war and peacetime. Many nations have “bowed down” to the United States and Great Britain in warfare over the last few centuries.  In peacetime, a map of the immediate post­world war ii world indicated that a large percentage of the earth’s population was subject to either the british empire or the united states (either as colonies, protectorates or occupied territories).  This British­American alliance was typically merciful to conquered enemies, exhibiting a characteristic of their forefather Joseph.


This attribute of WISE and BENEVOLENT RULE was also common among the Scythians, the Parthians and among the GOTHS who conquered the Romans.  The example of America’s MERCY and MAGNAMANIOUS behavior in restoring the people and economies of its former enemies, Japan and Germany, after World War II is a marvelous example of this TRAIT of the TRIBE of JOSEPH.  The fact that the DESCENDANTS of EPHRAIM and MANASSEH did not grasp THEIR ISRAEL-ite ANCESTRY did not cancel out GOD’s PROMISES. GOD was FAITHFUL. Even if Israel’s nations didn’t recognize him as their primary benefactor.



 The PROPHECIES concerning ISRAEL:

should POSSESS the GATES of THEIR ENEMIES;          

they should REIGN OVER MANY NATIONS, but no nation should reign over them;                                         


be a SABBATH-KEEPING people,         

take their NATIONAL OATH in the name of the Lord ;

they should PREACH the GOSPEL to EVERY NATION, kindred, tongue, and people



Tribe after tribe, angles, saxons, jutes, frisians, poured across the sea to make new homes in  the British Isles. thus grew the british nation . . . a nation formed of the union of various tribes of the same racial stock.  GOD has been “GROOMING” BRITAIN all through HISTORY.

   “and I will MAKE of YOU a GREAT NATION, and I will BLESS you, and make your NAME GREAT”

   From the arrival of Brutus in 103 b.c., Jeremiah in Ireland in 583 b.c., the Druid (Hebrew) priests,  God had to get the “ISLES AFAR OFF” ready for the House Israel, so he sent two houses of Zarah-Judah; the TROJANS to BFITAIN and the MILESIANS to IRELAND.  The endless waves of CELTS and SCYTHIANS that MIGRATED to BRITAIN has a part in GOD’s PLAN.