FASCISM – Then and Today – RUBRIC

Fascism #1) COMMUNITY and the “COLLECTIVE”
Fascism is a quest for community – the collective “ it takes a VILLAGE”. Fascism seeks UNIFORMITY and CONFORMITY through collective CRUSADE, collective political religion – the god of government and state, sacrificing individual freedoms to secure collective “UTOPIA”. Fascism is hostile to anything outside the collective – the individual, a potential “heretic” or enemy of the state or FAMILY, anything that might resist their “CULT” of collective “PROGRESS”. A TOTALITARIAN society is one ORGANIC whole – your home, private thoughts, everything no realm of human life (from food, sex, entertainment) is beyond collective POLITICAL meaning. Mob manipulation, control and conformity, censorship, propaganda and indoctrination all produce an “organic” collective political CORRECTNESS, tolerating NO islands of SEPARATENESS.

Fascism #2 – “REBIRTH”
Fascism promises “rebirth”, expressed as a revolutionary FAITH in the future, towards a utopian NEW age.  The CULT of “PROGRESS”, “CHANGE” and the possibilities of TRANSFORMATION is invokedA “NEW” man, earth & society, building “earthly paradise” is possible.  Fascists  “IMAGINE” or RE-INVENT REALITY, which is viewed as EXTERIOR “SOCIAL CONSTRUCTS” that can be “RE-MADE”.  Utopian “redemption” is gained by destroying the past.  It is pathologically necessary to reject and deconstruct the old to build the new.

A core value of crisis is the imposition of WAR values on society. The sense of crisis and CRUSADE brings conformity, regimentation and unity of purpose that mobilizes people into progressive action. Crisis is a TOOL for “progress”. Crisis-conflict-struggle prohibits ordinary rules of behavior.  Crisis-conflict-struggle provides “opportunity” that is to create UNITY of “CRUSADE” (“holy” war), requiring (not “wasting”) re-organization of the collective towards building utopian paradise in its “holy war”.  CONFORMITY is ensured by mobilizing MOBS – totalitarian TERROR claimed as “SOCIAL JUSTICE”, a EXTRA-ORDINARY CAUSE against CONSPIRACY by “the ENEMY” to destroy “progress” and “utopia” of the secular “god-state”.

Fascism #4 – “ACTION” – The “WILL to POWER
“Action” becomes a “romantic” REBELLION against “reason”, often the glorification of VIOLENCE and TERROR, a “WILL to POWER” engaged towards “progress” and “holy” cause – SOCIAL JUSTICE, commanding politically correct, totalitarian conformity, by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.  Fascist community, cause and crisis all UNITE into action – CRUSADE. (e.g. state sponsored propaganda, scapegoating, witch-hunts) “HERETICAL” THINKING becomes a “HATE CRIME” that must be terrorized and terminated, before the “cancer” spreads. Terror and “HUMAN SACRIFICE” both cleanses “in-organic” impurities and promotes fascist unity of the “organic” whole. The Cult of “Action” pits “FEELING” VS “FACTS”. Fascists are consumed by PASSION, FEELINGS, EMOTION and the WILL and POWER – the ENDS JUSTIFY the MEANS. “Action” often becomes a TEMPER TANTRUM, an adolescent expression of the WILL to POWER against “adult” logic, reason and wisdom, crusade against the traditional, corrupt, un-holy past expressed in the “CULT of YOUTH”. A SPOILED CHILD is despot-ic, never satisfied, intolerant, uncompromising, useless and “clue-less”.  Once “enemy” opposition is actively crushed, the fascist “revolution” then usually “EATS its OWN” in its own BLOOD-LUST and insatiable, never ending WILL to POWER.

Fascism #5) POLITICS (the State) a RELIGION:Totalitarian Heaven On Earth
The fascist state becomes the MONSTER “LEVIATHAN”: GOD & GOVERNMENT become ONE – MIXING secular & sacred.  The CITY-STATE takes on “ULTIMATE MEANING” (becomes “god”).
Political religion brings utopian “RE-BIRTH” and “COLLECTIVE SALVATION”.  “Fascism is a Religion” – Mussolini.  Fascist government is an expression of UTOPIAN “FAITH” in SECULAR “SALVATION”, the creation of “HEAVEN ON EARTH” through the CULT of political “PROGRESS”.  Fascism CO-OPTS, COMPROMISES, then SUBORDINATES traditional religion,
towards STATE SUPREMACY OVER CHURCH.  Freedom of conscience is sacrificed for fascist conformity. It is NATION WORSHIP – government “realizes” meaning and “fulfillment”. “Heretics” do/can not PURSUE happiness – the State PROVIDES it. Ironically, the individual SACRIFICES “SELF” in the TRIBAL “IDOLATRY” of the totalitarian state-polis, in an act of ultimate political “self-WORSHIP”.

FASCISM generally is a REACTION against DYSFUNCTIONAL and “MESSY” democracy, a REACTION against “democracy gone mad” that resulted in “dystopia”. Fascists presented a “THIRD WAY” – TRANSCENDING “selfish, corrupt” politics of “rights” that ignored collective “responsibilities”, a SUPERIOR form of social organization BEYOND popular, elected self-government, promising to be more democratic than parliamentary representative republican-ism, providing people’s wants without having them vote for it.

Fascist leadership is based on the idea of an ELITE who KNOWS what the people NEED, NOT what they WANT. The “great leader” is the AUTHORITY or “FATHER” who “knows BEST/BETTER” than the ruled know themselves. Not responsible to an electorate, “great” rulers understood and represented the “will” of the people and nation (the “ruled”). A Cult of Personality uses rhetoric and propaganda to exaggerate the importance, necessity & CONTROL of the leader.  The “promise” – “PROGRESS”;the “price”- “sell your soul”. (hiding a will to POWER_ “FOOLED AGAIN” by “BAIT and SWITCH”? (confusing “progress” and power, PUBLIC good with PERSONAL gain/interest). The DEMOGOGUE is the master MANIPULATOR of the MASSES.

An all-powerful (totalitarian) state GOVERNMENT CO-ORDINATES “PROGRESS”.  “SCIENCE” and SOCIAL planning PROMISE to “IMPROVE” the human condition.
“REDEMPTION” and “SALVATION” could only be achieved collectively by all-powerful (TOTALITARIAN) state GOVERNMENT, BUREAUCRACY being superior to “dysfunctional” democracy, POWER CONCENTRATED in “SUPERIOR” government ELITES). “SCIENTIFIC” social engineering has a UTOPIAN “FAITH” in “MODERNITY” and the PERFECT-ibility of HUMANITY towards “progress”, the POSSIBILITY of earthly utopian “paradise”. Final “SOLUTIONS” to humanity’s seeming “tragic” limitations and stubborn, never-ending “PROBLEMS”.

Fascism #9) OBSESSION with YOUTH (CULT)
The CULT of CHILD is the fascist quest for the NEW MAN and society THROUGH the CHILDREN, where ALL feel the warm and loving embrace of the god-state, which starts from the CRADLE until the GRAVE. Children were the UTOPIAN FUTURE. Hitler required and sought a REVOLT AGAINST REASON for “[i]ntellect has poisoned our people”. Hitler rejoiced that he STOLE the hearts and minds of youth, transforming universities into incubators of non-critical activism for the Fatherland. CAMOUFLAGE was KEY – do and say whatever it takes to gain POWER.  The youth MUST WREST CONTROL of society from their elders. Schools become incubators of REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL ACTION, REJECTING the “cold logic” of their PARENTS and “CORRUPT” TRADITIONS of society past.  Youthful “genius” and “originality” was superior to ‘old”, traditional WISDOM.  Utopian Political CORRECTNESS would “CURE” the CORRUPTION of the dystopian past.  The Youth would lead unto collective “SALVATION”.

Fascism #10 – Fascist CENSORSHIP
Censorship, government limits and control of INFORMATION is required towards “desired” state-group goals. Expression resisting group “progress”, disagreement and/or dissent against desired, “POLITICALLY CORRECT” goals of the state, must be ELIMINATED. Anything outside or in opposition to god-state “orthodoxy” was HERETICAL.  State control of media and education is used to stifle dissent and promote orthodoxy and conformity state-dictated utopian goals.  Building utopia does not tolerate “competition” – heretical “conspiracy” and “crisis” required “action” (censorship) to PROTECT the political collective FAITH in “PROGRESS. Political correctness and MOB conformity (e.g. “witch hunts”) stops debate/division, to ensure uniformity, control & conformity.

Fascism #11 – Fascist ECONOMICS
Fascists seek non-Marxist SOCIALISM – a STATE DOMINATED economy, a “THIRD WAY” for the ‘forgotten man’ and masses BETWEEN the “selfish/chaotic” dogma of “free market” CAPITALISM and the impersonal, cruel and unforgiving command economy of COMMUNISM.  The FASCIST (Faust-ian?) BARGAIN promised STABILITY and “SECURITY” in exchange for absolute SUBSERVIENCE and loyalty to the purposes of the fascist STATE, which eventually dominates BOTH politics (“the people”) and economics (business),  An ingenious, devious and deceptive “BAIT and SWITCH”, fascist big government RHETORICALLY claims CLASS WARFARE, “protecting” the masses from rich “fat cats”, while in REALITY COLLUDING with big business, using CRONY-CAPITALISM to limit risk, chaos and competition from small business competitors.

Unlike communism, profit is allowed. The state dispenses favors for the “public good”, picking “winners and losers” in it’s collective “will to power”. CORPORATE, big business sells out FREEDOM in exchange for SECURITY – accepting state regulation, domination and control in return for guaranteed profits and “protection” from the small-scale, common “forgotten man” and free market competition. This is done despite the rhetoric of the POPULIST “PROTECTION” against “fat cats”. (e.g. “Main Street” vs “Wall Street”)
The fascist state DIVIDES and CONQUERS both MASSES and BIG-CORPORATED BUSINESS by MANIPULATING BOTH AGAINST EACH OTHER. The fascist state creates and promotes the very thing it professes to be against. We are “Fooled AGAIN”.