Isaiah was a Biblical prophet that lived in the 600s B.C.  He had “visions” from which he prophecies … 


Isaiah 18:1 – “woe to the land shadowing with WINGS, which is BEYOND the rivers of ethiopia

                        outstretched eagle wings is a symbol of America

 Isaiah 18:1 – a mother bird protecting her brood under her wings

       symbolizing a nation who would become a “REFUGE” for millions of immigrants


  Isaiah 18:1 – “which is BEYOND the RIVERS of ETHIOPIA”

The land is unknown to Isaiah’s time and general territory the word “BEYOND” in Hebrew is WEST” standing in Jerusalem, a line of latitude west strikes the United States 


 “that sendeth AMBASSADORS by the sea, even in VESSELS of bulrushes upon the waters” …

  The English translation of “bulrushes” comes from the Hebrew “water drinking” vessels

vessels that drink” perfectly describe modern day STEAMSHIPS


   Isaiah 18:2   “to a nation scattered and PEELED”;

 “SCATTERED” – “drawn out”  or “TALL

European explorers found Native Americans to be generally taller than them. The U.S. army in WWI averaged 5 feet, 11 inches in height, the tallest army the world had ever saw

“PEELED” –  smooth-shaven  (hebrew “marat – “to pick off hair)   


 Europeans found native American peoples largely without beards




Native americans were ALSO  “fierce” and WAR-LIKE” –  a nation began by WAR


Isaiah 18:2 … nation METED OUT and TRODDEN DOWN, 

meeted out – from Hebrew “lined” and “trodden   under foot”.                                                                                                                                                                                          

The Land Ordinance of 1785  established the basis for the public land survey system.  Land in the largely unmapped territory west of the Appalachians was systematically surveyed, into square “townships”, six miles on aside.  Each township was sub-divided into thirty-six “sections” of one square mile (or 640


When Manasseh received its inheritance in ancient Palestine, it was given an unusually  large area of land.  It included two portions of land divided in the middle by the River Jordan.    At the beginning, the tribe of Manasseh preferred “WIDE OPEN SPACES”


Isaiah 18:1  “whose LAND the RIVERS have SPOILED 

SPOILED” in the term used to “QUARTER” a sacrificial animal  into four parts.                                   

the Mississippi-Missouri, Ohio, Potomac and Columbia rivers roughly “quarter” the U.S. into four regions


Isaiah 18:2 all ye inhabitants of the world, and dwellers on the earth, see ye, when


HE LIFTETH UP an ENSIGN on the mountains

Isaiah 18:3  – “and when he bloweth a trumpet,  hear ye”


Has the U.S. been “heard” during world wars?

Isaiah was a Biblical prophet that lived in the 600s B.C.  

He had “visions” of “ISRAEL” … sons of JACOB … JOSEPH … MANASSEH … the UNITED STATES …