In the Bible, the priestly SONS of ELI introduced “STRANGE FIRE” into the TABERNACLE, the SANCTUARY of GOD and place of WORSHIP.

GOD KILLED Nadab and Abiju as a result of this BLASPHEMY and ABOMINATION, blatant DISOBEDIENCE and DISRESPECT for GOD’s WAYS.

By analogy, today’s “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” is an IDOLatrous CURSE on our nation, a REJECTION of the GOD INSPIRED FOUNDATION of our nation, a REJECTION of GOD’s PROVIDENCE and BLESSING

America is involved in a “culture war”, a political “civil war” which at root is a “SPIRITUAL BATTLE” between the GOD-INSPIRED “principles” and “patriotism” and GOD-HATERS worshipping “STRANGE FIRE” – POLITICAL IDOLATRY

The UTOPIAN QUEST always ends to DYSTOPIA – totalitarian POLITICAL CORRECT-ness and humanistic SOCIAL ENGINEERING are roads to “hell” – HUMAN “GARDENS” BECOME “GULAGS”.  The “Father of Lies” rules this world of BAIT and SWICH … we are FOOLED … AGAIN …

Human “TOWERS of BABEL” are dystopian, deceptive dictatorships ruled by DEMOGOGUES who would rather RULE in HELL than SERVE in HEAVEN, IDOL-atrous substitutes of narcissistic SELF-WORSHIP by “SHEEP LOST” …

John Adams warned us that there NEVER has been a “democracy” that did not COMMIT SUICIDE.  Is this surprising?  The Bible states humanity PREFERS DARKNESS rather than LIGHT.

Most have a PERVERSE heart of DISbelief.  

“LEVEL-ers” instinctively seek to DRAG DOWN anything “EXCEPTIONAL” 


God said in the Bible, that in the last days he would hate the “luke warm” – neither hot nor cold.

NOW is an opportunity to be a “WITNESS” and declare your allegiance.

In the original Exodus from the slavery of Egypt to God’s “Promised Land”, God put His people through a trial of FAITHto see what was in their hearts.

MOST DIED in the wilderness.

The “Promised Land” is NOT a type of UTOPIAN “HEAVEN”.

The “Promised Land” typified the life of FAITH that demanded God’s people live according to God’s Ways while they were TESTED by enemies and tribulation.

Even Moses did not make it to The Promised Land then.

However, in the LAST DAYS their will be TWO WITNESSES, probably Moses and Elijah, who will testify and be martyred and resurrected to the consternation of the onlooking world, before the SECOND COMING, when JESUS the KING of ISRAEL, the Lion from the Tribe of Judah, assumes the THRONE of ISRAEL.

It is then that the “TWO STICKS”of “Israel” will be “re-united” and join together to recognize their King, He whom they had pierced and rejected.

Again, the story of Israelplays an integral role in the story of God’s Redemption Planfor this world.