The Book of Genesis as you know is the book of ORIGINS. It’s the book of BEGINNINGS, that’s actually what genesis means.

It is an amazing revelation by God written by the pen of Moses and in this Book of Genesis, in particular the first 11 chapters; we have a critical revelation of the origin of all things that constitute a full world view.

There is here the universe in its origin, the origin of time, action, space, matter. There is the origin of the solar system; there is the origin of the atmosphere, the origin of the hydrosphere.

There is the origin of all life; there is the origin of mankind. There is the origin of marriage. There is the origin of the family.

There is the origin of sin and the origin of guilt and the origin of redemption and the origin of forgiveness.

There is the origin of culture and civilization and animal husbandry and metallurgy and other enterprises. The origin of poetry, the origin of music.

From chapter 12 on through the entire Old Testament the focus is on ISRAEL, the chosen people of God.

Everything happens in and through and around that nation.

You come into the New Testament and Israel having failed to fulfill its responsibility to God to be the witness to the world that they were called to be is temporarily set aside and in the place of Israel God establishes a new chosen people made up of Jew and Gentile called the Church and everything that happens in the New Testament then begins to focus in and through and around the Church.

Nations and languages essentially established by God by one divine act.

Sociologists and anthropologists and language theorists imagine a slow, long evolutionary process socializing man and somehow evolving from grunts and chatter and chirps, languages.

We know better from the Word of God. We have followed the brief history of man from Adam and Eve, the first man, first woman to Noah and the flood when God destroyed the entire population of the world except Noah, his wife, his three sons, and their three wives which meant that after the flood drowned the earth and completely changed its topography and its environment from those eight people came the rest of human history. The flood was in chapter six through nine. We came into chapter ten and 11 and we, in chapter ten, began to learn about the families that came from Noah’s three sons.

In 100 years the earth has gone away from God. In 100 years the population still one clan, one tribe, one language, one nation, one family, but hopelessly sunk already into rebellion and sin.

And so they are in need of judgment and that judgment is DISPERSION.

In the flood it was judgment by destruction. At Babel it is judgment by dispersion and frankly the world at the time of Babel was not any different than the world at the time of the flood.  

God would have had every reason to drown this entire civilization with the exception of whatever few were true to him, but he didn’t do that. God promised that he would not destroy sinners in that fashion again, this was to be an age of grace and patience and forbearance and so rather than judgment by destruction as with the flood, this is judgment by dispersion. He scatters them over the whole earth and changes their language.

And as I said man was no better than in Noah’s day, a common grace prevailed and God was patient with man as far as world destruction was concerned.

They had already TURNED THEIR BACKS on GOD. They had already gone down the path of Romans 1 and this is an act of judgment as well as an act in some ways of protection and I’ll explain that in a moment.

Now when they were scattered, the sons of Japheth went into a certain area and splintered into various people groups. The sons of Ham went into other areas and splintered into people groups and the sons of Shem did the same.

Remember from our study of chapter ten, sons of Japheth are indicated in verses two to five, they became the Indo-European nations from western Europe across Russia, actually across the Baring Straight into North America and South America.

Now the action of man is indicated in verse three with this statement: “They said to one another ‘COME LET US.'” They repeat it again as in verse four, “Come let us.”

That was sort of the statement indicating that they were going to launch their GREAT ambitious ACT of REBELLION.

The action of God is described in verse seven, same words only this time God says, “Come let us.” So you have then the action of man in verses one to four, the action of God in verses five to eight.

Man desires to achieve directed at self glory and self fulfillment.

God does to shows man’s impotence and emptiness before him.

It is man at his best and his noblest trying to achieve his greatest anti-God act and God steps in and UNDOES the WHOLE THING.

Frankly the attitude of the people at Babel is essentially as the same as the attitude of Adam and Eve in the garden. It is an attitude of rebellion. It is an attitude of wanting to live apart from God driven by personal ambition and personal pride, and interestingly enough the locations are the same.

Shinar, the plain in which they built Babel, was very near to the location of the Garden of Eden. Both of them were in the Mesopotamian valley, the lower Euphrates valley between the Tigres and the Euphrates River.

World unity is a CURSE.


One people only escalates the unified intrepid force of EVIL.

God knows that and so does Satan.  Satan is moving this world back to a one world, one religion with one ruler who is identified in the Bible as Anti-Christ.

Satan wants to produce one world, one government under one ruler, the Beast of Revelation and someday his kingdom will bring the entire world under UNI-LATERAL, UN-LIMITED POWER and EVIL.

Hell will belch forth, abound demons, the demons that have been in the heavens will descend upon the earth, cast there by God himself.  All hell will break loose and what the new agers are wanting to happen is exactly what Satan wants to happen; they are simply his advanced publicity team and Satan would want a one world government and then he would select the one world leader and he himself would rule the world through his puppet, the Anti-Christ.

When that happens, you read in the Book of Revelations about the horrors that will occur there, and what are those horrors? Well, the prophets tell us as well as the Book of Revelation there will be mass slaughter, mass death. People will be killing each other even in the families, all hell will break loose.

God knew what was being POTENTIATED here.

Man was EVIL and his evil singularly and unilaterally in one package would abound to such a degree that there would be no way to PRESERVE him from SELF DESTRUCTION.

Man by nature, Romans 3, “is swift to shed blood.” Just give him permission. God knew the sinfulness of the post-flood people was the same as the sinfulness of the pre-flood people.  Some missionary out there is going to say, “Yeah, but did God know that because he did that I have to learn Swahili?” Or Russian? Or Ukrainian? I mean it’s a complicated deal here. That’s the lesser of evils.

Now the human enterprise then becomes the theme. Let’s look over at chapter 11 verse three, “And they said to one another,” and of course there’s agreement on everything here because they’re all together, “They said to one another, ‘Come let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly.'” Mutually appealing to pride and sinfulness, they said, all together, “Let’s make bricks and mortar. Come let us.” It marks their human action. They are proud, they are rebellious, and they are also ingenious.

There is no comparison between mankind and any animal. The gulf is as vast as that between a plant and an animal. There is no transitionary form, the gulf is too great.

Man created in the image of God is ingenious and sinful, proud, rebellious man finds that human ingenuity only strengthens his wickedness.

Let’s build for ourselves a city and we’ll have one people and one ruler and they are doing it for evil motives, nothing to do with God, and as I’ve been saying to you the power of evil is greater when it’s concentrated. The power is greater when it’s unhindered and unrestrained and there’s no checks and balances.

When you get a group of people together in one place like that and evil abounds, that’s why people move to the suburbs, even in modern times, to escape the overwhelming force of evil that occurs in many cities.

In later Babylonia every important city had a ziggurat, similar tower even in Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon, and it was introduced right back here by Nimrod in Babel.

He knew the people NEEDED RELIGION.  They needed to OVERCOME THEIR VACUUM when they rejected the true God, and so he CONCOCTED this false religion obviously aided and abetted by SATAN.

In fact, the Bible traces all false religions back to where? Babylon, Babylon.

Revelations 17, Revelation 18; “They had REJECTED the TRUE GOD. They had developed belief in FALSE GODS.

Babylonian mystery cults developed from this and spread over the whole world.” You’ve got a Babylonian mystery cult, a Babel mystery cult, that’s the worship of false gods, that’s a system of idolatry in Babel and when God scatters them all, this was not a revival spiritually, they just took bits and pieces of that false religion and spread it all over the earth.

That’s why Scripture indicates in Revelation 17:5 that all the false religions of the world find their way back to Babel.

Even the form of religion that characterizes Anti-Christ as the end of the age, Revelation 18, is called Babylon, Babylon. The gods of Rome, the gods and goddesses of Greece, India, Egypt, the original Pantheon of the Babylonians, all sort of comes from Babel.

One historian says Nimrod himself was apparently deified as the chief God, Marduk of later Babylon.

So here they turn Nimrod into a God in later worship in Babylon and they built the tower not to reach, that’s not as I said in the Hebrew, rather it says whose top is IN, with, on, or BY heaven.

It simply means it’s dedicated to the heavenly gods.

The third element, the first one was social, a city, second one was religious, a tower, the third one was psychological, they wanted to make for ourselves a name.

This indicates their pride, their self will, their ugly rebellion.

They didn’t want to make for God a name; they had turned their back on him.

This is their great ambition. This is come let us, and as we will see, God steps in and says, “No, come let us,” and reverses it.

How evil is man, how vicious, how wicked, how self exalting.

Still today saying, “Come let us build our cities of wickedness, build our false religions, build our psychological self esteem,” only as in the days of old to have it all REVERSED in the coming act of DIVINE JUDGEMENT.


“IF there is NO GOD, EVERYTHING is PERMITTED” – Fyodor Dostoevsky

And they said, go to, LET US BUILD us a CITY and a TOWER, whose top may REACH UNTO HEAVEN; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth”  – Genesis 10:4

“and the Lord said, behold, the people is ONE, and they have all one language;  and this they BEGIN to do:  and NOW NOTHING WILL BE RESTRAINED FROM THEM,which they have IMAGINED to do.”  – Genesis 10:6


MANKIND, ONCE SPIRITUALLY EVOLVED IS GOD, recognizing its “collective consciousness”.

DESPOT-ic RULERS exhibit the SAME EGO-MANIA: the GOD-STATE, a product of EVOLVED MAN, was TOUTED AS GOD and the PARTY and its LEADERS were the voice of this DESPOTIC-STATE DEITY.

POLITICAL IDOL-atry sought and seek to “PLAY GOD” by RE-CREATING BOTH the “GARDEN of EDEN” and “TOWERS of BABEL” 

Nimrod & The Tower of Babel


NIMROD, the son of Cush, had an impact on ancient Israel unmatched by any other of Ham’s descendants.

CUSH, the oldest son of Ham, fell under the Noahic curse. Consequently, the descendants of Cush, Nimrod included, would fall under the curse as well.


The son of Cush’s name literally means “LET US REBEL”.

Cush felt threatened by Noah’s prophecy of servitude, and consequently sought to establish his own kingdom through his son.

He would become the founder of the very empire which would one day completely destroy the nation of Israel and its Temple, and send its people into exile.

The deification of Nimrod, ca. 2000 BC.

This empire would, in due course, come to represent the SATANIC GOVERNMENT set up and established in REVELATION to pursue and utterly DESTROY ALL JEWS and CHRISTIANS from the face of the earth.

Genesis 10:8-10

“And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a MIGHTY ONE in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the MIGHTY HUNTER before the Lord. And the beginning of his kingdom was BABEL, and Erech, and Accad, and Calneh, in the land of Shinar.”


As the descendants of Ham moved into Arabia and Africa, Cush and his clan choose to settle in the Tigris-Euphrates River Valley.

By the time the son of Cush had come of age, he had established himself as a “mighty one in the earth”.

The Jerusalem Targum has this to say about him:

” He was powerful in hunting and in WICKEDNESS before the LORD, for he was a hunter of the SONS of MEN, and he said to them, ‘Depart from the JUDGMENT of the Lord, and adhere to the JUDGMENT of NIMROD.’

Therefore is it said: ‘As Nimrod the strong one, strong in hunting, and in wickedness before the Lord.’ “

The SPIRIT of REBELLION is seen clearly in Ham’s grandson.

He has NO DESIRE to pursue the commandments of God.

Instead, in an effort to thwart the Noahic curse of servitude, Cush had raised his son in the hopes of ESTABLISHING THEIR OWN KINGDOM ON EARTH, and perhaps even enslaving the descendants of Shem and Japheth.

Nimrod was without a doubt a man of great charisma and ability. He held tremendous influence over the people. It is noted that he was a “mighty hunter before the Lord”.

Such a phrase would seem to indicate hunting above and beyond the normal hunting required to gather food for one’s family.

Throughout the Old Testament the Bohemath and Leviathan appear sporadically, indicating that extremely large animals were present in Old Testament times. Some geologists and scholars claim that the Ice Age immediately followed the Genesis flood , and fossil records from the Ice Age, and pre-Ice Age (before the Flood), indicate that enormous animals existed, perhaps even dinosaurs, or some ancestors of them that found their way onto the ark.

As the environment changed due to the flood, the food supply would have changed as well. Animals that were used to abundant supplies of food before the flood, perhaps found it hard to survive on the limited food supply after the flood. These fossil records indicate that enormous animals were in fact living around this time. These animals may have been a serious threat to man in the centuries following the flood.

Any person that gained a reputation as a Big Game Hunter in those times would surely have gained fame and popularity among men.

However, this ability was TAKEN and USED “AGAINST the Lord”.

Verse 9 from this passage literally translates;

“He was a mighty hunter against the Lord: wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter against the Lord.” (italics added)

It was by his prowess as a hunter that fame and honer were obtained, and ultimately he rose to a position as a world leader of his time, using his charisma, ability, and energy to establish an empire, centered in Babel.

God had given Noah and his sons the order to ESTABLISH HUMAN GOVERNMENT, but the kind He INTENDED was a FAR CRY from what Ham’s descendants would build and establish.

The Babylon mentioned throughout the entire Bible, from the captivity and destruction of Israel in 586 B.C., to the Babylon of the book of Revelation, is the Babel built and established in Genesis.



These people built a vast network of cities and religious complexes, centered in Babel, or Babylon.

The Mighty Hunter built Erech, called Uruk in the Bible. Erech is 100 miles southeast of Babylon, and was the legendary home of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh was the hero of the Babylonian flood story.

Archaeological excavations at Erech have produced ancient writings that date long before Abraham .

Immediately north of Babylon, was Accad. Accad is also found throughout the Bible and other ancient texts spelled Akkad, and Agade.

The Akkadian Empire lent its name from this city. The Akkadian Empire is practically the same as the Sumerian Empire.

Calneh has yet to be identified, however it was in the land of Shinar. The “land of Shinar” is most likely Sumer, and referred to in Daniel 1:2 as Babylonia.

From Babel, he worked his way up the Tigris River into Assyria.

His plan of expansion was in motion. He sought to establish great cities on each river, the Tigris and the Euphrates, in an attempt to control trade and commerce in the region.

Approximately 200 miles north of Babylon, on the upper Tigris river, he founded Nineveh.  As Babylon was situated on the Euphrates, Nineveh was situated on the upper Tigris, and later became the capital of the Assyrian Empire, just one of the eventual conquerors of Israel.


This perversion led to Pantheism, the belief that Nature and God are in essence the same, and Polytheism, the religious system which establishes multiple gods.

This was in direct opposition to Monotheism, which is the worship of one God. Judaism, Islam, and Christianity are all forms of monotheistic belief systems.

There is plentiful evidence to suggest that all forms of paganism, meaning all forms of pantheism and polytheism, traces its roots back to Ancient Babylonia.

It is no secret that the assortment of gods and goddesses from Egypt, India, Greece and Rome all find their beginnings in the original pantheon of the Babylonians.

There is even evidence that Nimrod himself was later deified as Merodach, or Marduk, the chief god of Babylon.

This may be the origin of Pharaoh and Caesar worship seen in later empires, where the leader of the particular empire is claimed to be a god.


But this garden, be it built by Leninism or CONSTRUCTED by MEN and women who follow the teachings of other-worldly voices, CANNOT ESCAPE the FACTS of HUMAN NATURE – GREED, ARROGANCE, and a NEVER ENDING FOCUS ON SELF.

Liberalism is the world’s moral-political PETER PAN complex.  It is NARCISSISM arrayed in UTOPIAN longings.  It believes that the wisdom that once fueled our civilization was merely a shattered stepping stone to its OWN bloodless IDEAL of PERFECTION.


Oblivious to CAUSE and EFFECT and (unintended) CONSEQUENCES … dystopians NEVER know when to STOP … arrogantly fail to see the REALITY of “SIN” and recognize the LIMITS of humanity.

Dystopians attempt to build their own TOWERS of BABEL to “HEAVEN”,  their ambitions to BECOME “DIVINE” WITHOUT “LIMITATIONS” thwarted in confusion …

Dystopians “EXTERNALIZE” life’s problems while failing to look INTERNALLY and recognize WE ARE the “PROBLEM” …

Reinhold Niebuhr’s book “The Nature and Destiny of Man” reminds us “MAN is HIS OWN MOST VEXING PROBLEM” …

The most obvious statement is “BUT I’M ALL RIGHT … I’M a GOOD PERSON”

If most people think think they are “all right” and a “good person”,  WHY is the WORLD in its current DISMAL, DYSFUNCTIONAL STATE?”

the dystopian BLIND lead the blind and wonder why and how things go “off course” …

superficial PERCEPTIONS are blind to REALITY …




NIMROD – The first human rebel against God.  Built cities and his human government replaced God. Instead of being governed by God, the “state” and human government became “god”.

Babylon Mystery religions took the place of true God worship.

The Tower of Babel was an attempt to escape the “restraints” of humanity and build “heaven”, in defiance of God.

UTOPIANS  think they would be BETTER OFF if it were RID of “The TRAGIC”.


The “tragic” know human will is CAPABLE of GREAT EVIL, particularly when it brooks NO RESTRAINT. They know human will must be RESTRAINED by allegiance to a HIGHER law than the SELF.

The “new” gods of transformational, “collective salvation” are REGRESSIVE and inevitably OPPRESSIVE, based on NONSENSE and NOTHINGNESS leading us NOWHERE.  

It is when humanity attempts to “play god” when the greatest evils occurs.

The building of promised HEAVEN on EARTH produces HELL, paradise perverted. 

Attempts to re-create “The GARDEN” result in “The GULAG”.  Delusional DREAMS turn into NIGHTMARES.