HOWARD ZINN, more than any other man, turned our history books ON THEIR HEADS, and in a way, changed the contemporary course of history.

“Who CONTROLS the PAST, controls the FUTURE.” He excelled at this task.

He became a famous, or accurately IMFAMOUS, HISTORIAN, making up many of the stories of why America was such a HORRIBLE place. 


He slanted things), because he was a Marxist.

He spoke of the IMPORTANCE of “REVOLUTIONARY THINKING” in his classrooms. It’s hard to believe his influence grew so much. UNDUE, HORRIFIC INFLUENCE of a man named Howard ZINN.

He claimed to be a pacifist, often railing about the atrocities done by Americans, yet oddly would never respond to students who stood up and challenged him about the FAR GREATER atrocities of the Viet Cong, North Vietnam, or China.

He wouldn’t even acknowledge that these atrocities happened.

In that way, he was the PERFECT communist SYMPATHIZER, the perfect TRUE BELIEVER.

Intellectual, soft spoken, he NEVER CRITICIZED COMMUNISM.

I often wonder what he later thought when the North Vietnamese savaged the South,or even worse what the Khmer Rouge did in the killing fields.

I have to believe he remained silent, metaphorically taking the Fifth, much like he did when asked about the Viet Cong.

a master at EVADING UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS about the things he so passionately ENDORSED.


… rather he saw it the way a Soviet historian would have, through the lens of his polemics.

He was NOT interested in the TRUTH, but rather in those things that would advance his own socialist AGENDA.

“History” was a means to be used in doing so.

Much of what is seen in today’s left STARTED with Howard Zinn.

He stoked the ANGER, he leveled the charges of institutionalized, never-ending, and unforgivable RACISM.

He pushed the narrative of “white superiority”, now morphed into “white privilege”.

He pressed the foolish notion that socialism was the superior political system.

He made up the narrative of purposeful, indiscriminate, racist genocide of native Americans.

He made up the narrative of America being founded unjustly, by greed,so flawed that it had to be remade in his image of a Marxist paradise.

He virtually invented the anti-American outrage so prevalent today,persuading our celebrities, our media, and an entire generation that America is, and has always been, awful.

This from a man who excused Castro’s Cuba, exalted Mao’s China, praised North Vietnam, and to my knowledge has never uttered a negative word concerning the hundred million plus people slaughtered by socialist regimes in the twentieth century.

There is NO DOUBT that we as Americans have had our share of WRONGDOING.

People are FLAWED – read the Book of GENESIS.

There is no doubt the Indians got the short end of the stick, or that slavery was a horrid institution.

We need not hide our flaws, BUT UNLIKE Howard Zinn, neither should we hide so many of the examples of excellence, honor, courage, justice, and the triumph of SO MANY GOOD THINGS we have in our culture.

We need not be ashamed of the many great things we have brought to the world.

We also need not be ashamed because we are fortunate to live in one of the finest nations to grace the earth.

We are FAR BETTER in so many ways than any nation has been, yet Howard ZINN MISSED IT ENTIRELY.

His SUCCESS in bringing the left its DARK VISION of America is ASTONISHING.