“Visions in Collision”: “TRAGIC” vs. “UTOPIAN” Worldviews


We inhabit conflicting “worlds”. the “utopian” and the “tragic”.

The following summarizes life’s conflict expressed politically by today’s “LIBERAL” and “CONSERVATIVE” perspectives?
Liberals are typically “utopian”, Conservatives typically “tragic” in their worldviews.

Where do you lie on the liberal-conservative SPECTRUM?

HUMAN NATURE & SOCIAL POSSIBILITY (the problem/possibility of humanity)

Agree? Disagree?

___ 1)LIBERALS/utopians recognize humanity’s capacity to “CHANGE” and make a “BETTER” future.

Liberals seek to “free” people to “transcend” our environment and fulfill their POTENTIAL “POSSIBILITIES” and OPTIMISTICALLY CHANGE things

“PROGRESS” is possible

___2)CONSERVATIVES recognize the world’s FLAWS and human LIMITATIONS, thus they are SKEPTICAL and PESSIMISTIC of the capacity for “change” and “progress”.

Human historymight “change”.  Humannaturedoes not“change”.

The “SAME OLD” is just “RE-ARRANGED”

Good and bad is tragic-ically “MIXED UP”.
HISTORY and EXPERIENCE shows us the inherent “PROBLEM” of HUMANITY.
“UTOPIA” literally means “NOWHERE”.

DYSTOPIA is usually the RESULT of utopian “good intentions”.
This OBSERVABLE “FACT” contradicts the “FEELING” of potential.



___3)Liberals view Conservatives as IRRATIONAL, SIMPLE/NARROW MINDED, BACKWARDS and
extreme “REACTIONARIES” against needed change, possibilities and progress

The conservative “negative” worldview hides conservative FEARS and prejudicial “HATE” –

Conservative are intellectually and morally WRONG, preserving a corrupt status quo.
Conservatives are evil HERETICS who childishly, diabolically conspire against the “liberal faith”.


___ 4)Conservative generally think Liberals have a WELL-MEANING BUT CLUELESS, MISGUIDED, SUPERFICIAL and SHALLOW “BLIND FAITH” that IGNORES life’s tragic “REALITIES”

Liberal “progress” usually makes things WORSE or is hopelessly “mixed up” with “PROBLEMS” (UNINENDED CONSEQUENCES)and has a “PRICE”. (high/hidden COSTS).

Liberals CLAIM MENTAL and MORAL SUPERIORITY, yet HIDE-MASK their own hate and prejudices.
Liberals exhibit MORAL CONFUSION and overall CLUELESS-ness in a tragic-ally “mixed up” world.
Liberals are the TRUE “HATERS” – of “REALITY”, living with a CARTOON-ish worldview.

Liberals often act like SPOILED CHILDREN who arrogantly MISREPRESENT, DISMISS, SLANDER and DEMON-ize conservatives.

Liberal “FEELINGS” – TEMPER TANTRUMS – do not stand up to mature, deep scrutiny.
Liberals get “personal”, masking prejudices for “principles”.
Critical thinking is a “HATE CRIME”.

If you disagree with a political view (“prejudice”), you are a “RACIST” (“bogus” bigotry)


Personal SLANDER masks a lack of philosophical PRINCIPLES.
Such “logic” is like saying “1 + 1 = red”)


Such “DISCONNECTS” make “DEBATE” difficult, if not impossible.

Liberals hypocritically perpetuate their OWN intolerant “political correctness” that IGNORES TRUTH and REALITY and often HIDES behind false collective group VICTIMIZATION


Their “fake news” reveals their whole “fake” WORLDVIEW – utopia means “NOWHERE”



GOVERNMENT (humanity and power)
__5)Seeking “progress”, Liberals favor UNlimited government that can play a “POSITIVE” role, PROVIDINGfor the people’s needs, helping us to achieve happiness.

Collective problems require COLLECTIVE “SOLUTIONS”.

Liberals support government “CRUSADES”(e.g. tobacco/smoking. Obesity, War on Drugs) and SOCIAL ENGINEERING(e.g. high speed trains, No Child Left Behind) to bring SWEEPING CHANGEand UTOPIAN TRANSFORMATION.

The state REQUIRES power (bureaucracy -“experts”) for the “GREATER GOOD“, to counter the small, selfish interests of “the people”(democracy) who block “progress”.

___6)Conservatives seek toLIMITthe role POWERof GOVERNMENT.

The Constitution places NEGATIVE limitson government and other individuals from interfering with individual freedoms.


POWER CORRUPTS. Government becomes the “PROBLEM” not the “SOLUTION”.

“The people” (individuals) need to be “respected’ as INDEPENDENT decision-makers free to seek and choose their OWN well-being, not government “dependents” seeking handouts from a nanny/welfare state.


___7)Public, state sponsored HEALTH CARE is a good idea, something much needed, even a “right”.
It is a matter of “social justice” – people in need require our collective care and compassion.
State reform and regulation is needed to fix the inequalities and injustices
(out of control COSTS) that afflict our current system.

___8)National health care is a potential disaster. State control will bring the oppositeof what is intended.

Something that somebody else is forced to pay is NOTa “right“.

Withoutindividual choiceand competition, costs will RISE.

LEVEL-ingwill occur – we will ALLget MEDIOCREhealth care.

Bureaucracy will bring inefficiency, waste and corruption.
The unlimited desires (demand)for health care will overwhelm and bankrupt our limited resources. (supply)

Eventually, limited health care will become RATIONED and CONTROLLED by the state.
The state, not individuals will decide who gets what.

Reform is needed based on individual choices, competition and free market forces that are accountable to the citizen/customer.
Making one pay for ANOTHER’s heath car in the name of “compassion” and “social justice” is hypocritically wrong.


FOREIGN RELATIONS (human sociology – “nations”)
___9)Liberals see International conflict asPREVENTABLEthrough “DIPLOMACY”.
Negotiation(“moral” diplomacy) promotes “positive” behavior, – “peace”, understanding and good will.

We need to use “CARROTS”, NOT “STICKS”.
Conservatives are usually “war-mongers” and “cowboys” who abuse our military power, leading to unnecessary and immoral wars.

___10)International conflict is INEVITABLE,a reality of human nature, experience and history.
The best or most effective way to PREVENT conflict is through deterrence by force (GUNBOAT diplomacy).
The tragic reality is that “negative” behavior stops negative behavior.

Sadly, standing up to bullying is often the best way to stop bullying.
Liberals have a simple-minded view of “reality”.
War is always tragic, but sometimes necessary.
Life is generally NOT a CHOICE between GOOD and BAD, but a choice between BAD and WORSE.

There is a danger to the liberal “utopian” diplomacy of “appeasement” (giving into or seeking satisfaction of an opponent’s demands) Negotiation and “moral” diplomacy can be perceived as signs of weakness.
Your “good will” results in the “unintended consequence” of an opponent’s “ill will”.
Appeasement might seem “logical”, but usually, EVENTUALLY does not work.


ECONOMICS (humanity and wealth)
___11)Public welfareand collective “sharing”of wealth should be our economic model.
Active government needs to counter private greed , conflict, chaos and corruption of “the system” that endangers our collective economic well-being and security.


___12)Individual freedom and private profit has GENERATED MASS WEALTH in the world, bring UNTOLD MILLIONS OUTof POVERTY

Capitalism harnesses the “tragic” reality of selfishness, conflict and competition to GROW more wealth, a bigger and more pies. Growth and prosperity, though risky and unequal, has raised more people OUT of poverty than it has led people INTO it.

___13)The state has a “moral imperative” to “RE-DISTRIBUTE” wealth, to “LEVEL” unequal outcomes between “HAVES” and “HAVE NOTS”.

Tax policies and government regulation need to bring an “EQUITABLE PIE” and “FAIR” market, protecting us from those who abuse or “game” the system.

___14)Government has a responsibility to protect equality of OPPORTUNITYfor all  (a “FREE” market). NOTguarantee “OUTCOMES” for all.

Government taking wealth from one citizen to give to another is hypocritically immoral and unfair.

Replacing “greed” with a CLASS WARFARE based on ENVYis not “progress”

“Punishing” the productiveto “fix” or “end” economic inequality breeds a “public corruption” worse than private “corporate greed”.


___16)We have the utopian potential and possibility to END  POVERTY.

Addressing the problem of economic inequality and poverty is a moral issue of compassion and “social justice”.
This cause requires us to use liberal “compassion”, regardless of its “cold” costs.


__17)“CURING” poverty through state “welfare” and “RE-DISTRIBUTION”  is “WISHFUL THINKING”.

TheIDOL of EQUALITY is a “fake” virtueused toHIDEall sorts of VICES. (bait and switch – fooled … again)

The liberal “War on Poverty”led to trillion$ in public debt, bankrupting our future for a “cure” that does not work.

Government welfare often PERPETUATES poverty.  (UN-intended consequences)

It is a corrupt “system” where government “pimps” use poverty to create dependent “parasites”on the public treasury. That is immoral.